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Zandvlei Catchment Forum (ZCF)

Zandvlei Catchment Forum

The Sand River catchment forum is separate from Zandvlei the estuary itself, and activities in the catchment affects the estuary as the final destination. Catchment forums have been set up to manage activities in the catchment and are attended to by officials, NGO’s and role players. It should include agriculture in the Sand River context. The catchment forums are set up by the Catchment Management department staff in the City.


  • Water quality annual report compiled by Candice Haskins (pdf, 2MB presented on 16 October 2018)
  • Solid Waste Management (Erica Gilbert, pdf, 1MB presented June 2017)
  • Sandriver litter trap (Talcott Persent, pdf, 1MB presented June 2017)

Minutes of ZCF meetings

April 2019 (pdf, 137KB)

March 2018 (pdf, 1MB)

October 2017 (pdf, 1MB)

June 2017 (pdf, 1MB)

Illegal dumping: Which department to call?

Function Responsible Branch/Department
In the River/Canal Stormwater
On the River/Canal Bank Cleansing
Public Open Space Cleansing
Road Reserve Cleansing
Fenced Park Parks
Recreational Area Custodian Department/Branch
 Beach Cleansing
Alleyway/Lane (open) Cleansing
Alleyway Lane (closed) Adjacent properties
Mountain Sanparks
Courtyards at flats (Council Rental Units) Human Settlements