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MemberOrganisationArea of expertise
Caitlin MelidonisConservation specialist for the ZPAAC with specialist skills and knowledge pertaining to human-wildlife coexistence and
protected area management.
Local resident 
BSc Ecology and Environmental Science – UCT
BSc (hons) Ecology – Rhodes University
MSc Conservation and Rural Development – University of Kent

Presently employed by Peace Parks Foundation who are involved in establishing transfrontier conservation areas across Southern Africa. This role has provided me with solid grounding in protected area
management, combatting wildlife crime and community education and engagement. 

Both my professional and personal experiences as a long standing resident of Marina Da Gama help provide a balanced view to the social and conservation issues currently faced by the protected area. I believe the ecological health of a landscape is strongly interlinked with the wellbeing and engagement of resident communities. Stakeholder communities are more likely to support conservation initiatives if they are provided with effective and consistent channels communication, which is one of the functions of the PAAC.