ZPAAC represents the interests of a wide variety of stakeholders, and any of those are encouraged to get involved in the areas of their interest, or wider.

ZPAAC does not accept financial donations, but The Zandvlei Trust can accept these.

Position available: Fundraiser

We currently do not have the funding to provide the salary for this person, and am currently pursuing this. This person would be involved in a variety of activities, including:

  1. Find out how the City’s operational budget gets allocated and by when, what are the systems in place and when does this get submitted. Who deals with this?
  2. Get more government money through advertised tenders. Lobby for issues that need attention and funding.
  3. Explore subsidies and co-funding from responsible commercial developments, build relationships and partnerships with industries affecting and affected by the estuary and the catchment. (Discussion around this is captured in minutes of January 2018 meeting)

Draft job description (link soon)

Easy win projects

  • Litter clean-ups – Kevin Rack
  • Data visualisation, for example the water quality monitoring of the estuary and the catchment

Medium effort projects

  • Litter interventions at source

Projects that need a lot of engagement across various stakeholders

  • Softening of the catchment to contribute to sustainable urban drainage
  • Nutrient management

Big projects that are ready to be implemented but lack funding

  • A well engineered litter trap in the Sandriver canal (initial estimates at R2 million)
  • A thorough dredge of the vlei (initial estimates at R10 million)

Please direct general queries to admin@zpaac.org.za