ZPAAC workshopped a wishlist of projects at a meeting on 19 January 2018.

These projects have now been categorised in terms of effort (1,2,3) and money (A,B,C) required and can be found in this document: Dream_Zandvlei_projects_categorised_3aug18

In due course it will be listed on this page too.

1 = immediately doable
2 = needs a bit of permission, funding etc
3 = needs a huge rethink, urban planning and/or management models
Money needed
A = can be done with little to no money
B = can be done with a reasonable amount of money, crowd-sourced or local government funding R200 k – R1 million
C = needs a lot of money > R1 million


  • Infrastructure
  • Community
  • Environment
  • Catchment
  • Economic Development
  • Administrative

**The rest of this page is still in draft, please refer to the document.**

Rating Project Comment
rating project comment

1A Children to engage with nature, sport Link with other programmes – education budget, source to sea


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rating project comment

1A Re-evaluate the promenade walkway in terms of a meandering mouth (just a paper study with recommendations, no physical intervention yet)


Rating Project Comment
rating project comment

1A Nothing noisy: No motorised craft. No urban or industrial development along the normal edge of the vlei enforce existing legislation


Rating Project Comment
rating project comment

Economic Development

Rating Project Comment
rating project comment

1A A financial audit of what the estuary is worth from a fishing perspective. Economic study was done in early 2000 – in terms of property values, link economic benefits to natural systems – revisit this.
1A Marketing programme for students and learners, learn, understand, take ownership of this area.
1A Look at what is already happening, working with that rather than designing something new
(perform an audit of current activities)
1A Investors look at maximizing profit at the exclusion of the people who live here, so need to manage that, keep the people and council involved. Dalton says many of the desired things are already legally required and built into the management plans. Just need monitoring and continued enforcement – active citizenship