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Caring for Zandvlei: presentation to ZPAAC 18 January 2017

Presentation regarding initial research on managing nutrients, silt and flows in Zandvlei and Westlake Wetlands, prepared by Bernelle Verster and friends, and presented at the ZPAAC meeting on 18 January 2017.

The presentation covers the project background and dredging options. Because dredging would not make sense in isolation of an integrated nutrient management plan, the presentation touches on the need for nutrient inflow mapping as well as wetlands rehabilitation. A challenge on what to do with the dredgings made the presentation conclude on a way forward, and includes the request to ‘dream for Zandvlei’. Images used in the presentation is from the Zandvlei parkrun, and can be found on the Zandvlei parkrun Facebook page.

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