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Sewage spill: Marina da Gama 11/12.04.2022

Good day,

Please note that a sewage spill was detected yesterday (11.04.2022) to be flowing into Marina da Gama waterways in the Baalen Way channel. While the output flow rate and volume was relatively minor, the spill did persist until this morning. The spill has now ceased and the blockage rectified however there is a risk to recreational users of the Marina da Gama waterways in the direct vicinity. Please would users exercise caution when utilising the northern canals in the Marina.

Water quality sampling shall be conducted to ascertain the extent of the spill and I will update ZPAAC accordingly. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Please see the aerial footage below, indicating the site of the spill and area to  be avoided.

Kind regards,

Kyran Wright
Reserve Manager:  Zandvlei Nature Reserve
Biodiversity Management Branch
Environmental Management Department
Physical Address: Coniston Park, Coniston Avenue, Steenberg
Tel: 021 444 1485
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