The Dream Zandvlei Group is an informal, collaborative collective of individuals working together to improve the Zandvlei Estuary and the catchment leading into it, with specific projects of personal interest, and independent of imposed mandates.

The current projects are mainly focused on installing litter traps in the Zandvlei catchment and promoting awareness of the Estuary through sport.

The core individuals represent several groups, and actively maintain communication between these groups:

The Zandvlei Trust  aims to conserve the indigenous fauna and flora of the Zandvlei and
to enhance this natural resource for the benefit of all  since 1988.

The Zandvlei Protected Areas Advisory Committee (ZPAAC) is a government mandated body and made up of groups and individuals with a common interest in the ongoing management of the vlei.



3 thoughts on “About the Dream Zandvlei Group

  1. Hello ZPAAC Dream Team,
    I live in the Marina and speak for a group of people who are interested in the health of the vlei and its catchment but have to date felt powerless and/or undirected. I would be willing to put my hand up to get offcially involved. Starting with attending the next ZPAAC meeting.
    Kind regards, David Bristow

    1. Hi David

      Sorry for the late reply, just looked at this site now checking up status and noticed your comment. I will pass on your message to the ZPAAC Chair.

      Best wishes

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