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The ZPAAC provides a legitimate platform through which to communicate and advise the management authority of Zandvlei nature reserve, the City of Cape Town Nature Reserve and Protected Environment.

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While the ZPAAC support the City through monitoring, reporting and specialist scientific research, on going activities are undertaken by member organisations. 

Get Involved

The ZPAAC is a volunteer organisation and welcomes any organisation with an interest in the environmental protection and development of the Zandvlei nature reserve. 

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About Zandvlei

Zandvlei is an estuary located in the south-western corner of the Cape Flats, near Muizenberg, a small coastal town on the False Bay coastline. The reserve lies some 20,4 km from Cape Town with the catchment of 92km2 falls entirely within the boundaries of the City of Cape Town.

The reserve was started when 22 ha along the northern shore of the vlei was proclaimed the Zandvlei Bird Sanctuary in 1978 and later enlarged to 204 ha with the proclamation of the Greater Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve on 26 October 2006. 

Zandvlei is a popular recreational and sporting aquatic facility with sailing, windsurfing, kite board, wing sailing, and paddling the main activities on the water body. The numerous species of fish and birds are make it popular for fishing and bird watching, and recreational boating.

The “vlei” is also well used by the local scouting groups who have a shared base, and the Naval Cadets run regular programs. Both Scouts and Cadets are often seen sailing or rowing as part of their activities.

The surrounding park is popular with dog walkers and with day visitors, the weekly Park Run is a well supported land event.