This site is the home to Zandvlei Protected Areas Advisory Committee (ZPAAC). The committee is made up of groups and individuals with a common interest in the ongoing management of the vlei. More about what a PAAC is and who the members are on our About page.

The Zandvlei Trust Website has a detailed account of Zandvlei.

HELP NEEDED: Calling citizen scientists: We are working on sourcing and interpreting data to give a weekly updated ‘dashboard’ of the water quality of the vlei. We need help on generating the data and a way to embed it in an useful way on the website. Keen to help? Please get in touch: Check out other ways to get involved here.

Something along the lines of 

E.coli levels (big circle coloured red/orange/green)

link to what this means

(one or two other parameters of importance)

Bottom line: Smiley face or sad face

Short description